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Class Descriptions

Physique Fitness Training Studio offers a variety of group fitness classes. These group fitness classes are creative, challenging, and welcoming to all fitness levels. These classes give you a personal experience in a small group setting and are much more effective than your typical workout class in a “big box” gym. Our coaches work hard to always give you a different workout and to make the classes challenging and fun. Our group fitness classes include Boxing, Conditioning, RealRyder® Cycling, Strength Class, Agility Training, Crosscore 180, Circuit Training, and Yoga. Your first week of group fitness classes are FREE, so come and experience all our classes and coaches. Book your first free class today!


This class combines high-intensity cardio drills with muscular endurance exercises to create a fast and fun environment for all fitness levels. This class is more than your basic bootcamp. Our coaches not only use traditional weights, but they bring out battle ropes, kettlebells, tires, sled work, and other fun and functional fitness equipment. Our conditioning coaches strive to make each work out different and challenging for you. Our PH Fit Conditioning classes can accommodate all fitness levels, so be sure to give this class a try! 


A cycling experience you won't forget! RealRyder® cycle classes burn 20% more calories than your regular spin class because RealRyder® bikes move on three different planes of movement, eliminating unnatural stress on your body that a spin bike can create. These bikes increase core strength while adding variety, giving you a full body workout that is sure to make you eager to book to another. Book a free week trial to try your first RealRyder Cycle Class for free.


HIIT Boxing is a unique fitness experience offered only at Physique Fitness.  If you are looking to burn fat, tone muscle, and build confidence, this class is for you. We incorporate functional movement patterns and traditional boxing movements in a challenging but fun high-intensity interval training workout using heavy bags. All levels of fitness welcomed. This boxing class is fun and effective!


Power Vinyasa Yoga is a transformative style of yoga for the body and mind. This class moves from posture to posture in a cohesive flow connecting movement with breathing. This class builds balance, flexibility, and strength. As with all yoga, there is a strong focus on proper breathing and mental focus while also reducing stress for the client. All levels welcome!


CrossCore 180 is the next level of suspension training. Unlike the TRX, CrossCore 180 is capable of full body rotation adding dynamic tension to challenge your balance and core. This class incorporates exercises that use the CrossCore 180 and other strength equipment.


Circuit training is a form of body conditioning, endurance training, and resistance that targets strength building and muscular endurance. Moving from station to station with little rest, this class gives you a full-body workout that is sure to make you sweat!


This class improves strength and helps build and tone muscle while incorporating weight lifting exercises and cardio drills. This class is sure to make you drip in sweat!

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