Commonly Asked Questions

What is the atmosphere of your gym like?

The atmosphere of Physique Fitness is friendly and goal-focused. Our gym members are like a family, with everyone holding each other accountable and encouraging each other to push harder. Come to our gym for just one class, and you will see our difference. gym members having fun at physique fitness

Do I have to sign a contract?

We offer both contract and no contract packages.

How much does the gym cost?

Physique Fitness offers a lot of different classes, services, and packages, so there is no one fixed price. Schedule a free week trial to learn more about our pricing.

What classes do you offer?

At Physique Fitness, we offer boxing classes, RealRyder cycle classes, yoga classes, conditioning classes, crosscore classes, cirucit training classes, and strength classes.

What is RealRyder Cycle?

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What is CrossCore 180?

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How is your gym different?

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What services do you provide?

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Is your gym intimidating?

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If I sign up, what exactly so I get?

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Do you offer anything to help with my diet?

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What hours are the gym open?

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What can I expect if I sign up for personal training?

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Personal Training - Group Fitness Classes - Boxing Classes - Realryder Cycling - Yoga - Nutrition - Sports Training - Competition Prep

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