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Mike Tsiliclis


About Me

I was practically born into fitness from a mother who was an Aerobics Fitness Instructor and a grandfather who was a Boxer and got me interested in martial arts from a young age. At a young age, I got into Karate and Kung Fu and later moved onto wrestling in high school. Injuries forced me out of wrestling and into rehab which lead me to a more weight training body building focus where I reformed my muscular structure and rebuilt my strength the right way. After high school I dedicated myself more to Boxing training, sparred with some pros, and had some amateur club fights. From there, I found my calling as a trainer and began my career as a personal trainer at several big box gyms where I implemented my boxing skills for weight loss and conditioning through mitt work and boxing drills. I also trained many clients through weight lifting as I also have a passion for muscle development and believe it to be a key importance for weight loss as well. All in all, my passion is in helping people transform their bodies and minds through helping them increase their fitness level, let’s get that muscle!