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RealRyder Cycling Class 

Why RealRyder cycling is better than traditional indoor cycling classes.​


Twenty years ago, Johnny G introduced the concept of Spinning which changed the stationary exercise bike into the effective and interactive activity we know today as indoor cycling. These spin bikes offered an experience, through pedal resistance and the heavy flywheel, that actually felt like riding a road bike. This stationary spin bike was the industry standard for indoor cycling until Colin Irving created the RealRyder® bike.


The RealRyder indoor cycling bike has similar features to most other indoor bikes, like adjustable handlebar and seat positions, a resistance knob, chain drive, friction resistance, and a weighted flywheel. But the RealRyder bike begins to differ from these standard indoor bikes from the moment you look at it.

To start with, the RealRyder bike has a sleek frame that mimics a real road bike. When you get on it, you immediately notice a similar feel to that of a road bike. But then you notice the real difference and what makes the RealRyder bike the most effective indoor cycling workout you can get: the RealRyder bike tilts, leans, and rocks. It is not your typical “stationary” indoor bike, which really only works out one’s legs.


The RealRyder bike has two pivot points, one behind the seat post and one below the front of the frame. It also moves on three different planes. These features allow the rider to turn the handlebars, rock back and forth, and lean and turn like a real road bike. This not only creates a distinct feeling that allows the novice and expert alike to have more fun, but it also makes the RealRyder cycle experience much more effective as an indoor workout.


This unique design allows the pelvis to rotate, creating increased exertion from the lower and upper body. This allows the rider to transfer their momentum through their torso as they pedal, and becomes even more noticeable when the rider stands up. The RealRyder bike makes a rider focus much more on balance and agility while riding, which increases the level of focus, fun, and puts the body’s core through a serious workout.


Riding the RealRyder bike requires you to push on the handle bar with the hand opposite of the direction you are “turning” which engages the core as you force your torso to rotate. While riding these unique bikes, you will immediately notice the tension this feature puts on your shoulders, arms, and core. And since the bike rocks and leans, standing up while riding requires a whole body engagement to prevent the bike from tipping over, just like on a real bike. The end result is an entire body workout that is sure to make you sweat and “feel the burn” In fact, a single RealRyder workout can burn as much as 500 to 1000 calories.


At Physique Fitness, our coaches have gone through a RealRyder’s instructor-training program that is taught by the actual RealRyder company so that they learn every detail of the bike and how to put it to work in order to get their clients the best workout possible.

Come checkout the turn, lean, and rock of the RealRyder cycle bike with a FREE one week pass to our gym. There are no catches or trick to this free pass. Just visit our class schedule section and sign up for a class, Then show up and workout. It’s that easy. We are confident that you will love RealRyder’s intense workout so much that you will be back for more.

For more information on RealRyder indoor cycling, give us a call or come check us out.


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