Meet Your Personal Training Team

Julie - Trainer at Physique Fitness


Certifications: ACE Personal Training Certified; AFAA Personal Training Certified; AFAA Group Training Certified; Boxing Certification; RealRyder Certification; Diet Logic Nutrition Certified.


Other specialties: Martial Arts/Boxing/MMA; Meal planning; Competition prep; Weight loss


Fitness is my passion and I live for the rewards of seeing the transformation that takes place when someone really dedicates there heart to getting healthier and stronger. I am not talking about only the transformation that happens on the outside physically, but the empowering transformation that takes place inside someone emotionally! whether your dream is a bucket list challenge, weight loss, a competition, or just to be healthy, I get to live that journey with you and that's the gift! I am truly grateful to  be a part of something every day that is so rewarding,  

Deana - Trainer at Physique Fitness


Certifications: AFAA Personal Training Certified; ACE Personal Trainer; AFAA Group Training Certified; TRX and CrossCore 180 certified; RealRyder Certification.


Other specialties: Youth sports training; Mat pilates; Competition prep; Weight loss.

I've been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. My passion has always been about helping people achieve their fitness and health goals. I love designing programs that can take you to the next level. I believe no matter your age or current condition, fitness and good health is always obtainable. For me, it's always about progression!

Lance - Trainer at Physique Fitness


Certifications: ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience; ACE/AFAA Group Fitness Instructor; TRX certification; USA/UFC Boxing/kick boxing Coach; 500 hours Certified Yoga instructor.


Other specialties: Youth Training; Sports Specific Training; Agility/Speed; Martial arts, Mitt Training, Brazilian jujitsu (trained traditional martial arts since age 3yr old).

I am father of two beautiful girls, enjoy reading, studying philosophy, spending time with friends, jamming out and dancing to music. In my free time you will find me somewhere in the Tampa Bay area walking or meditating in a park or on a beach. 


My desire is to help you reach your highest potential physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Come take one of my classes at Physique Fitness and see how I can help you!

Jill - Trainer at Physique Fitness


Certifications: ACE Certified, WPA Certified 


My journey as a personal trainer started in 2001. Competitive paddle board racer, off road triathlete, runner. Former collegiate soccer player. Specializing in strength, speed and agility, endurance training, balance dynamics and, weight loss. 


I love sharing my passion, experience and knowledge of fitness and nutrition with others, and proving their potential for positive change is greater than even they may believe. 

I strive to make fitness enjoyable for my clients, no matter their age or ability level. The healthier one's mind, body and spirit, the better they can adapt to life's constant changes. I am a lifelong competitive athlete, but also a single mother of three children, so I have had to get creative and resourceful in order to maintain my own fitness. Although not easy at times, I am certain of the necessity for doing so, making me that much more eager to help others to the same.

Archie - Trainer at Physique Fitness


Certifications: Info Coming Soon!

Hi, my name is Archie-lee. I was born in England and I worked in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 10 years in the U.K. before moving here. I train a wide variety of clients, from youth, seniors, male, female, weight loss, professional athletes, and more. I love helping people achieve their goals!


My goal is to always create an enjoyable, safe, and effective session. If you've had a good time and get a great workout, then I’ve achieved my goal! 

Pete - Trainer at Physique Fitness


Certifications: NASM Personal Training; Boxing/Kick Boxing; Mixed Martial Arts; Jujitsu; Muay Thai; Self-defense

I started my path to health, fitness, and wellness through martial arts as a child.  I saw that self-discipline and hard work led to results. In today's world, preventing disease is the key to longterm health and happiness; that's why I love working at Physique Fitness. Our small group classes are designed to challenge your mind, body, and soul. I have the privilege of working with private clients one-on-one, as well as with small group. Because of this, I get to completely customize your fitness journey. I can't wait to help you realize your greatest version of you!


Certifications: Business Management, B.A.S. Degree – St. Petersburg College; National Academy of Sports Medicine- NASM CPT, CPR Certified 


My philosophy in fitness is about teaching proper technique and understanding the science involved with one’s own body through a tailored workout routine that fits their individual goals, which in return will create a lasting lifestyle change. As a former Sergeant in the Marine Corps, it’s about creating a habit or solid routine that together we will use to transform and empower your quality of life. My ultimate goal is to not only get my clients results, but to teach them the positive effects that exercise will have on their physical and psychological well-being.